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Welcome to QEforge 


QE-FORGE is a web portal offering support to researchers active in the field of computer simulation and numerical
modeling of matter and materials at the atomic scale. The most popular source code management (SVN or GIT)
systems, mailing lists, public forums, download space, wiki pages, and much more are provided through the
GForge engine.

QE-FORGE is a free service offered to researchers from all over the world by the Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation,
not restricted by any means to developers/users of the Quantum ESPRESSO project. Anybody is warmly welcome
to join the QEforge community. 

Researchers participating in it will retain complete control over their projects (including the right not to release them),
while enjoying the development tools that QE-FORGE provides. 


Self-registration on QE-FORGE is disabled until further notice


In order to register to the portal, please send a presentation e-mail from your institutional address
support +at+ qe-forge +dot+ org indicating: 

  • institution to which you belong 
  • position within the institution 
  • specific purpose of your subscription request, e.g. "join project X" or "access svn of project Y" or "open new project Z" 


Any request that does not match all above criteria vill be ignored.


You do not need to register to QE-FORGE if you just want to download publicly released


Access to private repositories may be restricted even for registered users. Please directly contact the administrators
of the project you are interested in, if you cannot access a repository. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessing as anonymous to the official Quantum ESPRESSO repository is not allowed anymore. 
Please contact support +at+ qe-forge +dot+ org if you need access to the repository, explaining why. If you experience
any problem not mentioned above, please get in touch via the 
QE-FORGE support email.




QEforge is provided for free by the Quantum ESPRESSO Foundation (QEF)  to researchers active in the field of computer simulation of matter at  the atomic scale, worldwide. Researchers using services from QEforge  will retain all property rights and complete control over their project and related material, including the right not to release anything. 
The QEF is strongly committed to provide a high-quality reliable service. QEforge is continuously monitored, problems are promptly identified and  fixed. The contents of QEforge is regularly saved to backup disks. 
This being said, the QEforge site and services are provided on a "as is"  basis. The QEF cannot be held liable for any damages or losses possibly  caused by the unavailability, whether temporary or permanent, of the  QEforge site and services, or by any defects or errors in the services. 
QEforge can be used only for the development of code related to research  activities in the field of computer simulation of matter at the atomic scale. We regret that we cannot grant access to other kinds of research  activities given the limits of our resources. Development of commercial software is not allowed on QEforge. Accounts and projects not complying  with the above terms may be suspended. Accounts and projects engaged in  ranking manipulation, spamming, unlawful activites will be terminated  without notice and all related contents destroyed.
Accounts not showing any activity since more than one year may be  suspended; if no request for reactivation is received after a further year, they may be cancelled. The same applies to projects that have  released no files.



Recent News
Yambo 4.0.1 released
Andrea Marini

Starting from version 4.0.1 Yambo adopts a default parallelization algorithm. This means that it is possible to run the code only giving the number of CPU's via the usual way (e.g. mpirun -np N).

In this case Yambo will use a default parallelization scheme. Of course the definition of the precise distribution of tasks is still possible and, actually, it is the most appropriate way to use the c...

Yambo ver. 4.0.0 now released!
Andrea Marini

The Yambo Team is proud to announce the release of the new devel version of yambo! This version implements huge improvements of the parallel environment over the current stable source.

Check the download page for more informations about how to get the latest devel version.

Starting from this version Yambo implements a massive parallelizatio...

QE for Windows excutables
Paolo Giannozzi

QE executables, v.5.1.2, for Windows are available for download. Please see file http://www.qe-forge.org/gf/download/frsrelease/185/780/QE-on-Windows.pdf for instructions,

Quantum ESPRESSO v.5.1.2
Paolo Giannozzi

Quantum ESPRESSO v.5.1.2 is available for download.

Quantum ESPRESSO v.5.1.1
Paolo Giannozzi

Quantum ESPRESSO v.5.1 is available for download.


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